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Imagine Leaves that grow ABUNDANTLY on a tree that contain:

Comparing Moringa to other Foods The Moringa Vegetable Tree is by far the most important Vegetable Tree on Earth.

It is a veritable powerhouse of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that have been well-established to enhance and maintain your health and your immune system.

The Leaves, Pods and Flowers of the Moringa Tree are highly nutritious.

Moringa Leaves provide the answer to the perfectly balanced Vegetarian Diet which so often lacks in essential amino acids and other essential nutrients.

The evergreen or deciduous leaves (depending on climate) are 1-2 cm in diameter. They have a lovely soft texture and taste somewhere between lettuce and spinach.

Possibly the most nutritious of all leaf crops, Moringa leaves are 27% protein (dry weight) and have extremely high levels of folates, vitamin C, carotenes, calcium, iron, and niacin.
Moringa leaves make the perfect Green Leaf Base in any salad. Eat them in abundance and you will ensure that your body is receiving excellent nutrition far surpassing any artificial supplements.

As with any food that contains significant amounts of nutrients the leaves are best eaten raw so that the nutritional value remains intact. However, the leaves can also be prepared in the same way as Spinach.
The leaves can also be dried into a powder and used in soups and sauces.

Even though fresh and raw is always best, the nutritional value remains almost perfectly intact in the powdered form  and is the best way to store the Moringa Leaves (avoid direct sunlight when drying them).

If you would like to add the powder to cooked dishes remember the less heat the better.

The Moringa Tree is native to Northern India on the Southern Slopes of the Himalayas.  In Southern India it is said that no meal is complete without Moringa. In Ayurvedic Medicine it is said to cure over 300 ‘conditions’ and was even revered in ancient Sanskrit texts.

The tree has since been intentionally cultivated in Africa and South America and is naturalized all the way down East Africa and has for a long while already been Naturalized in South Africa in the Limpopo and Kwazulu Natal.

The Moringa Tree has many different names in different cultures. Common names include: the Miracle Tree, the Drum Stick Tree (the pods are called Drum Sticks), the Clarifier Tree (referring to the ground seeds use as an amazingly effective flocculant - settling out of particles in fluids such as water, honey, wine, even industrial waste), the Ben-Oil Tree (the pods yield an excellent high quality nutritious oil called Ben-Oil), the Benzolive Tree, the Never-Die Tree, Mother's Best Friend, the Horseradish Tree and many more in different cultures throughout Africa and India.



Please Note that the Moringa Oleifera is NOT an Alien Invader Species:

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