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Moringa Seeds - Now also Available

Moringa Oleifera
Nature's Most Nutritious 
Vegetable Tree


Apart from its wonderful Nutritional Value, the Moringa Tree has many Other benefits for Nature and Humanity.
  • Moringa seeds make excellent water purifiers. The seeds are ground into a powder and the powder is used as a flocculant working as well or better than the expensive, toxic and environmentally harmful  aluminium sulphate which many municipalities use to remove particles from the water. Even very turbid water becomes clear within an hour of treatment. The Moringa seed powder flocculant joins with the particles and they sink to the bottom. Between 90 and 99% of the bacteria are removed in the same way. About 5 tablespoons of seed powder will purify 10 litres of water. It is believed that this flocculant effect takes place in the body as well, making the Moringa an excellent detoxifier
  • Moringa Seed Powder will make an excellent supplement to take for intestinal cleansing
  • As a Natural Antibiotic - Studies have shown that an aqueous extract made from the seeds was just as effective as the antibiotic Neomycin against the skin infecting bacteria Staphylococcus. It's antibiotic compound is identified as Pterygospermin. Also read Article 12 in the Scientific Reviews about Moringa seeds amazing anti bacterial ability
  • Diabetes - In cases of Hypoglycemia (a difficulty or inability of the body to properly regulate blood sugar levels) eating the Moringa Leaves has been shown to be effective in lowering blood sugar levels within 3 hours of ingestion (though less effective than the hypoglycemic drug Glibenclamide). The blood sugar lowering effect was found to be related to the quantities eaten. This 'effect' probably has more to do with supplying the body with the vitamins, minerals and enzymes it needs to naturally self-regulate it's blood sugar levels than actually having a direct 'chemical' effect. Keep in mind that ingesting pure sugar and highly refined foods like bread and pasta strips the body of nutrients because the body has to use it's own supply of nutrients to process these refined sugars.
  • The ground Moringa seeds can also be used in a similar way to clarify sugarcane.
  • In the Sudan, powdered seeds are considered more effective than slices of okra to clarify honey.
  • Moringa can be used as a 'Green' Manure. The trees are densely planted (10cm x 10cm) and plowed into the soil to a depth of 15 cm after 25 days (Proyecto Biomasa, Nicaragua).
  • Foliar Sprays are made from Moringa leaf extract. It is reported that an increase in yield of 25 % often occurs.
  • The Moringa leaves can be used as a natural fungicide - by digging Moringa leaves into the ground before planting, damping-off disease can be prevented amoung seedlings.
  • The leaves can be used as a domestic cleaning agent. Crushed leaves are used to clean utensils and even walls. 
  • The leaves can be used to produce Bio-gas.
  • Parts of the Moringa Tree eg. the bark, are used to make medicines.
  • The bark produces a sappy gum that can be used in cooking and food preservation and can also be used as a blue dye.
  • The bark and gum can be used to produce tannin for tanning hides.
  • The Pulp can be used for paper and rope.
  • The Moringa seed oil:
    • is highly nutritious. The  bright yellow oil with a pleasant taste has been compared in quality with olive oil which has a similar fat composition
    • is of an extremely high quality and is used for machinery and the making of Biodiesel. 
    • is used for lamps and is smokeless when it burns.
    • It also has nourishing and emollient properties giving it benefits for use in skin and hair care products since Egyptian times.
    • contains a potent antioxidant making it remarkably stable and can be used in food preservation and as a natural preservative in cosmetics and organic and natural beauty care products like moisturizers, shampoos, etc.
  • The seed cake left after the oil pressing can be used as an excellent fertilizer.
  • Moringa is used very successfully with the feeding of livestock. Just as is the case with Humans, Moringa provides an excellent nutritional base that ensures a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients and minerals.
  • Moringa Leaves will make an excellent addition to your Dog's food.
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